Dr Guazzo and Dr Anderson work within a surgical team at the Townsville Mater Hospital.  This includes theatre staff, anaesthetists and an assistant surgeon.  Information regarding your anaesthetist and assisting surgeon will be given to you as part of the surgical information package you receive.

If you require a surgical procedure, it is necessary to prepare for this.

Dr Guazzo and Dr Anderson operate privately at The Mater Hospital Townsville.  If you do not live in Townsville, you will need to make arrangements to travel to Townsville.

Things you need to know:

  1. Mater Misericordiae Hospital Pre-Admission Form (white/blue) - This form is to be filled out and send to or faxed to the Mater Hospital at least 5 days before your procedure.
  2. Estimate of Medical Fee Form (green) - You are required to read this form, sign and return to our office at least 5 days prior to your procedure.
  3. Patient Consent Form (white) - Please sign the form and take it with you to the hospital on the day of admission with your CT/MRI/x-rays. Your surgery cannot proceed without this signed patient consent form.
  4. Time of Admission - Please contact our office on 4772 2844 on the day before your procedure to confirm the time of your admission and fasting details.
  5. Post Operation/Review Appointment - The doctor would like to see you a few weeks after your operation as part of your continuing care.