Together, Dr David Anderson and Dr Eric Guazzo provide a comprehensive private neurosurgery practice for your patients in the North Queensland region. The expansion of our neurosurgical practice ensures that you have a private neurosurgeon who can manage your patient's problems at any time.

Both neurosurgeons have extensive experience and comprehensive training in all adult and paediatric neurosurgical areas, including:

  • Adult and paediatric neurosurgery
  • Acute and degenerative spinal conditions
  • Brain tumours
  • Peripherial entrapment neuropathies ( e.g. carpal tunnel, ulnar nerve)

Please fax, email or post your patient's referral to the Townsville address or if you need to discuss an urgent referral or wish to discuss the management of a patient, do not hesitate to contact our office so this can be arranged.

When referring your patient to Dr Anderson and Dr Guazzo, please provide as much relevant information as possible, including all relevant investigations made eg xrays/CT/MRI. Each referral is categorised once received, so those who are in greater need or have a more urgent problem are seen earlier.  The more comprehensive the referral, the easier this process can be followed.  Please include all reports of any scans your patient may have had with the referral and up to date contact details. Your patient can, once the referral is received and categorised, ring for an appointment.  Please contact our office if your patient’s need is not reflected in the appointment time that has been allocated. Please note if a third party such as workcover or an insurance company is involved with the patient’s care.

Once again, if the matter is urgent, please phone our office to speak to either Dr Guazzo or Dr Anderson.

At this time, we will be able to see your patients in either Townsville or Cairns.

Our private neurosurgical operative and inpatient practice will continue at the Mater Private Hospital in Townsville where we have comprehensive, state of the art operating theatres, excellent ICU service and ward accommodation.

Dr Guazzo and Dr Anderson both look forward to assisting in the care of your patients.