Will I go straight to hospital?
If you are referred to see a neurosurgeon, you will see either Dr Anderson or Dr Guazzo at their rooms in either Townsville or Cairns.  Infrequently, your GP and neurosurgeon may suggest it is necessary for you to be admitted to The Mater Hospital in Townsville.  Dr Guazzo or Dr Anderson will visit and plan your care and treatment, which may include immediate surgery or further investigations. No procedure or surgery is carried out at the doctor’s rooms.

What other investigations?
Your neurosurgeon, in consultation with other specialists may refer you for further investigations such as scans (MRI /CT/x-rays) blood tests or consultations with other medical specialists.

Do I need to bring my scans or just the report to my consultation?
Dr Guazzo and Dr Anderson find it helpful and ask that you have both scans (MRI /CT/x-rays)and reports available for review at your consultation. You must bring these with you and arrange to pick up the scan if you do not already have them.  These scans will be available for pick up from the centre you were referred to by your doctor.

Do I need to bring my consent form to my operation?
Your operation cannot proceed unless your signed consent form is sighted before your procedure.

What do I need to take to my operation?
Bring a bag with your day to day needs. The hospital has a list written in the Mater Hospital Pre-Admission form and it is summarized in our blue information sheet. Bring any current medication and any relevant  MRI/CT/x-ray scans if you have them.